Various Industries Served

So you have a small business, having a website is no longer considered an optional when marketing your business.  A website is only the beginning of your internet presence.  Google (with its multitude of products), Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to name a few),   These are where the people are….

Think about what you do when you need to find a service/product.  Gone are the days of looking in a phone book, nos most people Google what they need to find.  Google is now considered a verb – meaning to do a search on a search engine platform.  The social media platforms appear high on search engine rankings, because of the dynamic nature of their content.

And another lovely fact… once you have a website, it is not best practice to set it and forget it, the website must be updated on a regular basis.



Business Networking Groups


Estate Sales


Fishing Vessel

Interior Designer

Office Equipment

Engineering Firm


Pleasure Sailing

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